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Music & Wellness

National Music Centre is launching a new permanent Music & Wellness exhibition that taps into the power of music on mental and physical health.

Music has an extraordinary capacity to affect human health and wellbeing, in ways we are still discovering. Studies have shown that music can calm or excite, enhance mental focus and physical performance, and even heal psychological trauma. Located on the Studio Bell’s third floor, which is entirely dedicated to the power of music, the Music & Wellness exhibition will explore these topics through a series of powerful video interviews that create an immersive sense of personal conversation between the viewer and a variety of experts, including medical professionals, music therapists, community wellness advocates and Indigenous Knowledge Keepers.

The exhibition explores four themes: Music & Healing, which touches on evolving music-centered treatments in helping to repair minds; Music & Support, exploring the history of music therapy and its effect on relieving trauma; Music & Culture, focused on the traditional significance of music in many cultures and finally; Music & Memory, which unravels the effects of pitch, tempo, melody, and rhythm on the mind. 

As one of the largest galleries at Studio Bell, the Music & Wellness exhibition will provide a space for wellness-related programs and events.