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Donate an Artifact or Instrument

We’re always on the lookout for rare and interesting musical artifacts that help tell the stories of music in Canada. These artifacts include instruments, memorabilia, archival documents, and even anecdotes to share as part of our growing Oral History collection.

To determine if your item is a fit for the NMC Collection, we’ll need you to tell us a little bit more about it. Using our online artifact donation form, please submit a photo and any identifying or historical information such as:

  • A description of the item
  • Its model or serial number 
  • When, where and by whom was it made?
  • Who used the item, when and where?
  • What condition is it in? If an instrument, is it currently playable?

The Review Process

NMC’s Collections Department reviews each artifact to determine if it’s a fit with our mandate. While we receive many offers, we are only able to accept approximately 10 per cent of items. 

As a registered charity, NMC is able to issue tax receipts for the fair market value of an artifact, in accordance with standard appraisal procedures and CRA regulations.  

NMC Collection Mandate

The NMC Collection consists primarily of cultural (human-made) objects and intellectual property related to music in Canada and is held in trust for the public. The collection is intended to serve as a foundation for: 

  • The research, documentation, and preservation of music in Canada
  • The development of public education programs, public performances, and new music
  • The creation of partnerships across the Canadian musical spectrum 

Our goal is to build a definitive collection of musical instruments and memorabilia across four key streams:

  • The five distinct regions of our country: Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, the West, and the North 
  • Canada’s diverse cultures 
  • Recognized Canadian icons—both people and objects 
  • The evolution of music technology over time

To see some of the incredible artifacts in the NMC Collection, please visit Studio Bell and check out the collection online

Think you’ve got something we need to see? Tell us about it!