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Thank You Music

National Music Centre (NMC) is a registered charity with a wide range of programs that include exhibitions, artist development, performances, education, and music therapy. We’ve partnered with Thank You Music to raise awareness for the importance of music in our daily lives and show appreciation for all the positive impacts it has.

Share Your Story

We all have a story to share about a time that music played a significant role in our lives. Maybe it was your first concert, first dance, or a song that helped you through a tough time.

Whether it’s a story about your favourite artist, a music teacher, or a local venue in your community, we want to know how you express gratitude to those musical moments and special memories. We want to hear how you say #ThankYouMusic.

Share your story with us and help NMC and Thank You Music spread a stronger appreciation, a better understanding, and a deeper connection to the music in our lives. It’s our hope that music will never be taken for granted because we believe in the power of music to bring people together, create long-lasting memories, and make life’s greatest moments even greater.

Here's how you can submit a story about how music has impacted you:

  1. Share a video or text post on your favourite social media app. Be sure to use the hashtag #ThankYouMusic and tag us @nmc_canada.
  2. Send your story via the submission form. If you choose to remain anonymous, your name will not be shared publicly.

Share Your #ThankYouMusic Story

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