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We are thrilled to announce that we have expanded our program offerings for the 2024 school year!

National Music Centre’s school programs work towards the mission of amplifying the love, sharing, and understanding of music in Canada. Our hands-on programs are based on Alberta’s K-12 curriculum and programs of study. Featuring items from NMC’s rare and unique collection, programs are led by talented musician educators who will make concepts come to life.

We are excited to introduce a range of new programs of varying lengths, activities, and curriculum connections. This means you can select the perfect visit that aligns perfectly with your in-classroom teaching!

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  • The Ultimate Experience

    Age Group: Grades 2-6
    Location: Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre
    Cost: $705 +GST per class (30 students)*
    Length: 4.5 hours

    The Ultimate Experience includes:

    • Classroom program of your choice (see options below)
    • A special educator-led hands-on activity in the museum of your choice (see options below)
    • Museum exploration
    • Access to a lunchroom
    • A special 30-minute demonstration of Studio Bell’s famed Kimball Theatre Organ

    *The Ultimate Experience can host a minimum of 30 students and a maximum of 120.


  • Kimball Theatre Organ

    Age Group: All
    Location: Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre
    Cost: $150 +GST (per group of up to 60 students)*
    Length: 30 minutes – to be added to the time of your stay

    No visit to Studio Bell is complete until you’ve seen and heard the famed Kimball Theatre Organ. Join us for an exclusive demonstration of this iconic instrument, where you’ll discover the unique functions of this instrument whilst exploring the history of sound in cinema! Finally, let NMC’s skilled educators take you on a journey through some classic songs from film and television.

    *Kimball price extends to each group of 60 to a maximum of 120.

  • Music Odyssey

    Age Group: All
    Location: Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre
    Cost: $45 +GST per group of 30 students (maximum 60 students)
    Length: 30-60 minutes

    An Amazing Race-style scavenger hunt in Studio Bell, focusing on music and art exploration. Students will work in groups to gather photos and videos* based on a list of prompts about the museum. As your students navigate the museum, they'll encounter the wonders of musical instruments, historical artifacts, and legendary musicians from different eras. Students will leave with prizes and memorable photos to take home and share with their classmates, teachers, family and friends.

    *Parent supervisors & teachers are highly encouraged to bring their own device that is suitable for photo and video. For a nominal fee, parents and teachers can rent a device during their visit, after which time an NMC team member will facilitate a file transfer and device wipe.

  • Music Industry 101: Exploring The Professional Artist Hats

    Age Group: Grades 10-12 and College/University*
    Location: Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre
    Cost: $150 +GST per group*
    Length: 60-90 minutes

    NOTE: Must be booked with either the Tour Experience or Self-Guided Experience

    Join this educational presentation designed for aspiring musicians! Tailored for students considering a career in music, this session explores the multifaceted roles artists play in the industry. From the art of song writing and dynamic live performances to the intricacies of recording, releasing music, and effective self-marketing, we delve into the diverse hats musicians must wear.

    *This experience is intended for students participating in arts and music courses, accommodating 15-30 students at one time.


  • Good Vibrations

    Recommended for Grades 2-6

    A classroom program that explores vibration, pitch, timbre, and volume through hands-on
    instrument exploration.

    • Students will gain a clear understanding of vibration and its role in producing sound
    • Through kinetic exploration, students will learn how the speed of vibration affects pitch and the size of vibration influences volume
    • Students will discover four methods of energizing instruments (struck, pluck, air, and electric)
    • Exploring various musical instruments, students will understand how they control pitch and volume to create expressive music

    Curriculum Connections

    Grade 2 Science

    • Matter: Understandings of the physical world are deepened by investigating matter and energy
      - Materials are used to make objects; materials have unique properties
      - The purpose of an object influences the choice of materials used to produce it
    • Energy: Understandings of the physical world are deepened by investigating matter and energy
      - Sound behaves in various ways- Sound is produced by vibrations of objects.
      - Vibration is a rapid back-and-forth movement.
      - Sources of sound can be natural or human-made
      - Characteristics of sound (pitch, volume, duration)
      - Sound can travel through air, water, and some solids.
      - Properties of materials that affect the production and behaviour of sound
  • Words To Song

    Recommended for grades 2 -6

    A classroom program that connects with the K-6 Language Arts curriculum.

    • Students will learn how to make patterns out of words using rhyme, repetition, and syllables.
    • Students will leave with an understanding that music is built from patterns.
    • Students will understand ways to form lyrical or poetic patterns in songs.
    • Students will explore their own song-writing creativity.

    Curriculum Connections

    Grade 2 English Language Arts and Literature

    • Distinguish syllables in words.
    • Identify words or phrases used in imaginative ways that support messages in poetry and song.
    • Examine rhyming couplets.
    • Investigate words or phrases applied creatively.
    • Contribute to a variety of listening and speaking activities to build confidence in oral language skills.
    • Listen for changes in vocal emphasis in oral communications.
    • Contribute to discussions as a listener and speaker.
    • Participate in presentations as a respectful audience member.
    • Develop communication skills through individual or group presentations.


  • Rhythm Nation

    Recommended for Grades K-12

    This hands-on in-gallery program is designed for students to have fun, express themselves through music, and develop essential skills like rhythm and coordination. Students will be introduced to two folk instruments – the djembe and the wooden spoon. Participants will gain cultural insights into these two folk instruments while having fun and expressing themselves through music.

    • Students will experiment with rhythm, tempo, and the call-and-response musical form
    • Students will explore creating both simple and complex patterns through interactive kinetic exploration
    • Students will learn about and build skills with active listening and groupwork
  • Draw What You Hear

    Recommended for Grades 4-9

    This hands-on in-gallery program merges art and music to explore the visualization of sounds. Students will discover how to associate colors, shapes, feelings, and words with sounds, instruments, and music.

    • Students will explore diverse approaches to visualize sound and rhythm
    • Students will uncover abstract methods of visualizing sound, fostering creative expression
    • Students will gain insights into concepts like timbre, enriching their understanding of sound's nuances