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From Me to You: The Beatles in Canada 1964-1966

National Music Centre's new temporary exhibition From Me to You: The Beatles in Canada 1964-1966 offers a nostalgic tribute to the band's transformative years upon arriving in Canada for the first time.

The display captures the cultural landscape of Canada in the 1960s, and the frenzied excitement of Beatlemania that swept across the country. Adorned with rare photographs, memorabilia and audiovisual treasures, the exhibition will transport visitors to the landmark moment when The Beatles invaded Canada’s consciousness and ignited a nation's fervour. From the band’s electrifying performances in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, nearly drowned out by the sounds of screaming fans, to the impact on pop culture that ensued, each artifact tells a story of the Fab Four's indelible impact on Canadian music history. The exhibit not only showcases The Beatles' musical evolution during this period, but also highlights its cultural influence.