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Scotiabank Backbeat presents: JOYFULTALK
Scotiabank Backbeat presents: JOYFULTALK

The sonic landscapes conjured by JOYFULTALK reflect a curiosity; a tinkered lightfield of forward motion, a maniac’s grove. The brainchild of composer and instrument builder Jay Crocker, JOYFULTALK is without a doubt the most forward-thinking musical act to emerge from the rural outpost of Crousetown, Nova Scotia. Along with fellow compatriot, Calgary transplant and multi-instrumentalist Shawn Dicey, the duo conjures unlikely technicolor material marred as much by the astral plane as by the pair's rugged maritime environs. With Plurality Trip, JOYFULTALK's second full-length album and the first on Constellation Records, Crocker’s jazz-fried visions are as starry and precarious as ever.

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